Spiritual Law Vs. Criminal Law


Criminal regulation and religious regulation typically coincide, however oftentimes not. In a religious sense, you are free to do what you need; the last word take a look at of whether or not or not a given act or conduct violates religious regulation is that if it hurts you or one other individual.

“The one energy any authorities has is the ability to crack down on criminals. Nicely, when there aren’t sufficient criminals, one makes them. One declares so many issues to be against the law that it turns into inconceivable for males to reside with out breaking legal guidelines.” Ayn Rand

Under we define circumstances that make clear what’s against the law and what isn’t-from a religious standpoint-based on our long-term findings.

1. White-collar thieves, similar to boiler-room operators, assume they’re intelligent. They insist on their innocence and blame “naive” buyers who ought to know higher earlier than investing with out doing their due diligence. However think about their intent-does the boiler-room operator willingly take the investor’s cash, understanding that the investor will seemingly lose his or her cash, and is it the operator’s intent to defraud the investor? If sure, then such actions incur unfavorable karma.

Think about the variety of lifetimes it takes to steadiness the unfavorable karma incurred by stealing tens of millions from a whole bunch of pensioners, for instance. It is no surprise most criminals do not consider in karma and predetermination.

2. Valuable gem and diamond heists such because the Schiphol Airport diamond heist, absolutely earn the perpetrators critical unfavorable karma. “At Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport on February 25, 2005, 4 males in a stolen KLM cargo automobile ambushed an armored truck carrying jewels sure for Antwerp’s diamond district. Brandishing weapons, they compelled out the drivers earlier than rushing away. Since most of the gems they filched had been nonetheless uncut, it is unclear how a lot the booty was worth-though some estimates have put the determine as excessive as $118 million. That may make the Schipol crime, which stays unsolved, the most important diamond heist in historical past.”

That is fairly a heist, however typically the karma is far more difficult than it seems; the 4 guys with weapons will not be the only villains. As an example, think about the next: the homeowners of the gems in some heists could also be concerned within the crime in a fancy insurance coverage fraud; the blokes with weapons might have a excessive profile organized crime backer, which then earns dozens of culprits dangerous karma; even the safety consultants and their superiors, or the insurance coverage firm (or choose workers) are typically concerned in such a heist; the homeowners of some stolen gems could have stolen them within the first place.

3. Individuals who vote for politicians who help oppressive laws, similar to legal guidelines in opposition to freedom of speech (e.g., within the U.Okay. it is unlawful to criticize a sure faith on social media) incur unfavorable karma. The identical is true for individuals who foyer for unjust legal guidelines, or who trample the rights of others to advertise their agenda. Emotions aren’t an excuse to restrict freedom of speech. Any legal regulation that takes away particular person freedoms is in direct violation of religious regulation, thus those that impose it on others incur unfavorable karma.

“He who permits oppression shares the crime.” Desiderius Erasmus

Earth is not the one place to steadiness your karma. “… researchers have calculated that billions of the celebrities within the Milky Means have one to a few planets within the liveable zone, the place there’s the potential for liquid water and the place life might exist.” It is possible mass slavery is the norm on a few of these inhabitable planets, providing those that incur nasty human rights karma (together with agenda and propaganda pushers, politicians, and the voters who give them energy) on Earth the chance to steadiness the scales elsewhere sooner or later.


Contemplating there are two trillion galaxies within the universe, together with ours, the Milky Means, it is estimated there are trillions of inhabitable planets within the universe. This is sufficient to embody an unimaginable number of troublesome life circumstances and conditions to accommodate even the worst karmic offenders. The infinite variety of out there planets on which to incarnate lends credence to the speculation that you’ve most likely had extra lifetimes than you might assume. A clever individual stated your present lifetime is only one phrase, of 1 sentence, on one web page, in a single e book, maybe of a number of volumes.

4. These within the U.S. Congress (or another legislative physique) who regularly put their private financial acquire forward of the desire of the individuals, similar to by permitting crooked lobbyists and particular curiosity teams to dictate their voting document, earn huge quantities of horrible karma. It is troublesome to fathom how a lot dangerous karma is generated by irresponsible governing, insurance policies that hurt tens of millions of residents.

“There isn’t any distinctly American legal class – besides Congress.” Mark Twain

“We do not appear to have the ability to test crime, so why not legalize it after which tax it out of enterprise?” Will Rogers

The proper crime, a time period used to explain crimes which might be unsolvable or undetected, does not exist in a religious sense. The eyes of fact (i.e., regulation of karma) are all the time watching, so in the end no one will get away with something.

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Source by Scott Petullo